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Everything in the news is politicized - science, heathcare, even sports! But what if you can't relate entirely to either side?

Unbiased is a bi-monthly podcast where the best writers and thinkers across the political spectrum go deep on divisive issues so you have all the facts and can reach your own conclusions.
Welcome to Unbiased Podcast

Meet the hosts!

Arjun Moorthy
Co-Founder & CEO, The Factual
Arjun has been passionate about the news since he was a paperboy at age 12. He’s building The Factual to bring unbiased news to people who feel alienated by a polarized media environment.
Dan Sally
Founder, You Don't Have To Yell
Dan's concern with political polarization led him to start his own podcast, YDHTY, in 2019. He also serves on the Digital Strategy Council of Rank the Vote - an organization focused on promoting ranked choice voting.